21 October 2010

User experience on Nexus One: Calendar, Contacts, Email

I've been using three leading smart-phones for a while now and I want to share my experience. The three are Apple iPhone 3GS (iOS4), Google Nexus One (Android), and Nokia E72 (Symbian).

I used to be heavy Nokia fan and was a proud owner of almost all its best smart-phones (E90, N95, N97, E71, E72). Unfortunately Nokia E72 lost the competition against iPhone 3GS and Google Nexus One. With its Symbian Nokia E72 seems to be out of date, so that I always left it home. After using the other two smart-phones browsing and IMAP experience on E72 feels really frustrating. The other two are more advanced in terms of innovation and technology and therefore can accompany my day everywhere.

I the following I'll show some screen-shots and brief description of my excellent user experience on Nexus One. Read more here.

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