28 October 2010

Nexus One with new look

I bet that the iPhone users and other mobile phones are envy if they look at the new UI of my Nexus One. The appearance of my Google Nexus One has now transformed into that of HTC Desire. I got this after I deleted the previous ROM and replaced it with the new one from a xda developer called Evil's NXSense.

I even impressed somebody in the cinema last week, who amazed said, "Wow, you've got a Desire?" (You know, Desire is now the best mobile phone in the UK). As the screen-shots below show it, the new UI is really beautiful. Read more here.

Although I like the new mod, I personally prefer to use the ROM version of CyanogenMod. CyanogenMod has built into the ROM some extra tweak settings that I miss in the other ROM. It is good so. Android user has more choice than the others!

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