15 October 2010

Google and the movement to make our world more human

Google is profit-company, but it has a totally different approach compare to other companies. As if Google bridges two worlds, has one foot on the profit side and other foot on the non-profit side.

Non-profit organisations define itself by providing its services for free for better world, better humanity. But they are not alone now. Although a profit company Google provides a broad spectrum of services for free too and makes other profit and non-profit organisations make profit out of Google services. Google Maps, Gmail, Calendar, Google Apps, Google Earth, and a lot more; Android, Chrome, Google TV and so on; Google releases them all for free. Imagine how many people, organisations and governments are using Google services and therefore keeping the cost low. Even if you hate Google, you can't help but acknowledging this.

No other company has contributed so much for better world and better humanity like Google. Even if Microsoft donated recently 2 million dollar for education, but Microsoft has made a lot of money from the educational institutions with its software licences all over the world. It is like giving back a small amount of what you have taken before. Imagine how much Microsoft makes money from poor countries, which better spend that money for development projects!

With this in mind, how do we transform our world, so it stays intact from commercialisation trend around us? How we can make our world more human and not mere the object of greediness? Read more here.

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