24 June 2011

Film review: Winter's bone

As if life hadn't been hard enough in the rural area of Ozark Mountain, the 17 year old Ree was suddenly left behind alone by her disappeared father to take care of her mentally ill mother and two younger siblings. Then Ree started a dangerous journey to look for her father, who was, apparently, killed by a drugs gang.

The plot can be boring due to its slow pace, especially in the beginning. But gradually the story intensifies. For sure it is not a thriller, but the plot makes one feel the winter's cold. And the film does it slowly, until one feels it in the bones. Debra, the director, demonstrated that without sophisticated technology the plot itself can be a very effective tool to achieve the same.

It was surely not an easy job for Jennifer Lawrence (Ree) to keep the film "alive" until the end. Yes, the whole film relies totally on her "solo" performance. But Jennifer proved that she was up to the difficult task.
The film is probably not to everybody's taste, but surely it is worth to see Jennifer bring the Ree-character to life.

Title: Winter's Bone
Year: 2010
Director: Barbara Granik
Cast: Jennifer Lawrence (Ree)

Final words:
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