06 January 2011

Will tablet devices replace laptops and PCs?

At the CES 2011 in Las Vegas the whole show seems to be the tablet's musical. Will tablets devices replace the notebooks and PCs? No, Intel's Mooly Eden said to techradar.com. Tablets devices will be "a mainly complementary device rather than replacing the notebook". Maybe he is true. But from my own experience I would say it might be. I'll tell you why.

I've been using computer for more than 25 years now. Till 2009 I still had a PC, but since I have my own laptop 2004 the PC was almost always neglected, until I donated it to a student. Why I have to own a PC if I can do everything with my laptop?

Now I am a proud owner of an Asus laptop UL series. Mainly I use it for web surfing, reading/writing emails, writing text and make presentation. Now I have a tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab). More and more I fire up my laptop only if I need to write long documents. Everything else I do it either with my Nexus One phone or with my Galaxy Tab tablet.

I'm pretty sure, once I can use the TV as wireless screen for my tablet and once I am able to print directly from the tablet, the laptop will be rarely touched. The same fate has doomed my iPhone 3GS. After I got my Nexus One, which can do better what I want to do with the iPhone, the iPhone 3GS is used only as MP3 player now (iPhone is home alone :-)). Fortunately I'm not the only one who dreams about such smart-phone. With its Atrix 4G Motorola delivered the first insight. This video by engadget.com show how Atrix realise the dream. But Atrix hasn't fulfill my dream. I would like to have a smart-phone like Atrix 4G, but free from all docking cables.

Mr. Eden might be true in his prediction. But I am afraid that for the normal users like me, the reality is that the tablet devices will most probably replace the laptop and PCs.

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