03 December 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab: Flashing new ROM Update

It seems difficult, but in reality it isn't. I read in the Samsung Galaxy Tab forums that many people have problem flashing the new EURO ROM P1000XXJM6. I flashed the new ROM straight forward without any problem. So I want to share the steps I followed.

There are different types of Galaxy Tab available. Please make sure that you have EURO version if you want to follow the steps below. I got my Samsung Galaxy Tab from carphonewarehouse.co.uk (it offers the cheapest GTab in the UK. If you buy the keyboard together with GTab you pay only half).

1. Install z4root from the Market and root the device
2. Install and do backup with TitaniumBackup from the Market. You will need your backup in case update process fails.
3. Download, install and update Samsung Kies.I needed to install Kiess for the USB driver
4. Download ROM update (P1000XXJM6) from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=854300.Extract it to a location
5. Do a factory data reset (settings, privacy, factory data reset)
6. Power off the GTab
7. Put GTab in download mode (Pressing Volume Down and Power On button at the same time. The download screen appears)
8. Follow the instruction described at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=854300
9. Finish

Don't panic if the device needs longer time to accomplish certain steps. Just wait until flashing process finished and the device reboots.

After booting you will get errors, because some programmes failed to connect to Internet. Don't panic also. Just setup your WiFi connection and everything will be fine.

See below the screen-shot of the new updated GTab:

Samsung Galaxy Tab
after flashing the ROM update
See the baseband version

Thanks to xda developers for this ROM. I really like it. My GTab is now smoother and the browser isn't laggy like before.

Last note:

If after flashing you see that some non-native apps crash all the time, then you have forgotten to reset your device before flashing (factory data reset). Just do it now, reboot the device and reinstall all your apps from the Market. Everything should be fine.

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