30 November 2010

The strength of Caritas Sibolga in the first five years

Five years ago I was privileged to start and build up an humanitarian and social organisation called Caritas Sibolga. It has become a strong local NGO with international network (long term MoU with some international partners). In the first five years of its existence Caritas Sibolga has implemented programmes with the value of 6 million Euro. Although it hasn't hired and doesn't hire the best professionals and consultants, Caritas Sibolga has demonstrated the ability to design and implement big scale programmes with local staff, which can compete in quality with that of big INGOs. What was the key to this success? Read more.

* The author was Programme Manager and Deputy Director of Caritas Sibolga from 2005 to 2009. During his professional work in Caritas Sibolga he has developed implemented 22 projects with the support of donors from different countries (among them Caritas Italy, Secours catholique, Caritas Austria, Development and Peace, Trocaire, CRS, Caritas Hongkong, Caritas Germany, and Caritas Korea).

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