20 September 2010

The profile of Papal visit opponents

The visit of Pope Benedict XVI has been used by his opponents to demonstrate against him. Who are they? They are a mixture between militant secularists and radical humanists. BBC has published their profile and can be read at BBC News - Papal visit: Pope Benedict XVI's opponents.

The only group not mentioned in this profile is the radical Islamic group, which also demonstrated against the Pope.

It is strange that the activists didn't do the same protest when the President of Pakistan or Chine visited the country. In truth both countries have violated human rights far beyond what we can accuse the Pope Benedict. It could be possible that their protest is not a campaign for human rights but actually an expression of hate against the Pope and the Catholic church.

For example the pedophile case of some priests. It is irrational to put all the blame on the Pope. Not the Pope, but the bishop is responsible for the deeds of his priests. The priests are ordained and hired by the bishop and not the Pope. The priests are not the employees of the Pope.

Those who know the hierarchy and canon law, know exactly that the bishop is the representation of Christ on earth. Not the Pope but the Christ himself is the next "line manager" of the bishop. Therefore the Pope is not the boss of the bishops. He is only the bishop of Rome and primus inter pares in bishops collegiate.

Each bishop is independent. If these activists really mean it, then they should demonstrate against the bishop of the priests who committed the child abuse. They can ask the police to arrest the bishop and ask for his responsibility. The Pope in Rome is too far away for that.

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